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Foul Water

Foul water is a subject that most people don’t like to think about. Fortunately, at EDS we can deal with all aspects of foul drainage design from mains connections, water company disputes to non – mains systems such as septic tanks and treatment plants.

Where new developments are proposed to connect to mains drainage we can advise you on how best to achieve this either as a private conveyance system or by designing a new system and having it adopted by the sewerage undertaker.

S104 agreements can be put in place to ensure foul drainage built on site is adopted by the sewerage undertaker once completed. At present there is no requirement to have a foul sewer adopted but some affordable housing providers insist on having adopted drains and this will reduce future maintenance obligations.

At EDS we can carry out all aspects of S104 applications, including design, water company negotiations and if required the provision of as built information etc.In some cases, it can be useful to provide new sewers using a Sewer Requisition under S98-101 of the Water Industries Act 1991 (WIA). Developers can use this approach to lay sewers over 3rd party land where agreements cannot be reached with the land owner. In some cases, sewers can even be secured at no cost to the Developer using this approach.

We would be happy to discuss and advise on the use of a sewer requisition to ascertain if it is the most beneficial approach for your site.

Where development is proposed over or close to an existing sewer, this can require the sewer to be diverted using section 185 of the WIA. We are always happy to advise on this and if necessary manage the process with the relevant sewerage undertaker.

Key services:
•    Sewer designs and modelling
•    Water company negotiations
•    Manage and progress S104 adoption agreements
•    Advice on S98-101 sewer requisitions
•    Private sewer designs for building regulations approval

Non Mains

Where your site is located in an area not benefiting from mains drainage, we can always assist in finding a solution to deal with foul water, be this a septic tank, treatment plant or a pump station to facilitate a mains connection.

We regularly assist developers with the design and specification of non mains drainage systems to serve housing sites, holiday parks and commercial/industrial projects.

Non mains drainage systems may require an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency in order to operate. We will be happy to advise on this and if necessary apply for the permit.

Whether you are looking to carry out a new development, extend an existing holiday park or replace a failing septic tank / soakaway system we can always help.

Key Services:
•    Advice on Environmental Permitting
•    Scheme design and specification
•    Sewage treatment plants
•    Pump station design
•    Liaison with Environment Agency and Building Control
•    Foul drainage statements to support planning applications
•    Design of drainage fields and ground investigations
•    House Buyer drainage inspection reports