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Flood Risk Consultancy

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EDS staff have many years of experience assisting developers with flood risk issues and producing flood risk assessment reports to support development. Flood Risk Assessments are required where a development is perceived to be at risk of flooding and is usually shown as being located in flood zone 3 (high risk) or 2 (medium risk). Indicative flood zones are shown on the Environment Agency website ~

Some developments in flood zone 1 (low risk) also require a flood risk assessment. This is because development has the potential to increase runoff and increase flood risk to areas downstream of the site. So in these cases the flood risk assessment is more of a drainage strategy, and will outline a SuDS based drainage system for the site. This is increasingly required by the recently formed Lead Local Flood Authorities - read more

EDS staff have over 20 years of experience producing flood risk assessments in Cornwall  and the South West and have dealt with sites ranging from single dwellings to sites of over a thousand units.

Development in flood risk areas is contentious and in some cases the chance of a successful outcome can be low. We will always give you an honest opinion on the viability of your development in flood risk terms at the outset. We will then be happy to provide a written quotation for the flood risk assessment before proceeding.

We are also happy to negotiate with the Planning Authority and Environment Agency on flood risk issues and if necessary support you at any subsequent appeal.

Where suitable Environment Agency data is available then the flood risk assessment can be based on this data. However, in many areas EA data is coarse and not suitable for use in a flood risk assessment. In these cases, we will determine the flood level and extent on a site using hydraulic modelling techniques.

Services offered:
•    Initial advice on project feasibility
•    Production of site specific flood risk assessments
•    Hydraulic modelling of rivers and streams
•    Estimation of flood flows
•    Site surveys
•    Planning negotiations with the Lead Local Flood Authority, Environment Agency and Planning Authority
•    Preparation of flood evacuation plans
•    Specification and design of flood defences and flood mitigation measures.










Below is an example of a 2D unsteady hydraulic modelling study of a sensitive stream catchment in west Cornwall influenced by tidal effects.